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VIP Alisha

My name is VIP Alisha, and I’m a born spicy escort. I take my work very seriously and usually handle my clients with genuine curiosity, enthusiasm, and passion. I am 23 years old, and I love to travel. I currently live in London, and my favorite destinations include Dubai, Turkey, Cuba, and Singapore.

I might be young, but I am very good in conversations and listening to the needs of my clients. So, my clients always feel relaxed and entertained when I’m attending to them, be it privately or showing me off to the entire world as a date on their arms.

Apart from my desire for fun and pleasure, I also have a wide variety of interests which reflect my positive attitude, energy, and appetite for life. I have always believed that life is not a spectator sport and that’s why I usually look forward to something new, vibrant and delightful every day.

I love going to the gym, and this has assisted me to maintain a size 8 body shape with sharp hourglass curves. I have sculpted my body with a lot of devotion and confidence, and this gives me confidence when I approach my clients. Nothing makes me comfortable apart from having a baby-soft skin.

I handle my body very carefully so that I can enjoy spoiling others licentiously. I don’t view my job as a task but as a privilege and joy. What I do is like oxygen to me, and I have eccentric desires and stamina for my clients.

My imaginations are boundless when it comes to my escorting life, and that’s why I love to play along with the imaginations of everyone I meet. Once we meet, you will confirm that fun and pleasure is what I’m good at. I have a wide variety of costumes and other beautiful outfits which I’m ready to share with you for ultimate satisfaction.

So, if you are looking for an exquisite, delightful and refreshing escort, whose sense of adventure and irrepressible skills will blow you away, and the toned curves will twist your mind, look no further.

I believe these lovely curves were made to be enjoyed by you!

FYI: I am in Brisben, Australia now till the end of December. If you want to meet me there, check my profile and availability on

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